All That You Want to Know About New York Trip from London!

So here we are with another holiday coming up! Choosing a destination for this one has been quite easy. Because my priorities are very clear this time around. I want to party at the best club, shop at the most expensive street and eat at the most delicious restaurants in the world. With such clear intentions, the first city that comes to my mind is New York City without a shadow of doubt.

NYC is an extremely versatile vacation city as it is beautiful almost all year round. It is one of those cities that you just cannot get enough of. The fall is the best time to visit the city and the tourist numbers are also low as compared to summers. But if you are a snow fan like me, December to February is sheer beauty and also the cheapest time to go to New York. Book your flights from uk to new york  well in advance so as to get the best deals. Also planning the trip and itinerary beforehand always helps to make the trip more organized and enjoyable.

Let me help you out with the top 13 things to do in New York:

  1. Central Park
    Central Park New York: The City of Dreams on traveldecorum
    The most famous park there is! It is a beautiful expanse of an urban park nestled between Upper East, Upper West and Fifth Avenue. A picnic or a stroll in this iconic park is a must to explore the Lake, Bow Bridge and Oak Bridge inside.

  2. Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Fondly called The Met, this museum is the largest in the US. It is an art lovers dream come true. One can enjoy artworks from Europe, Egypt, Asia, Africa, Islamic art etc.

  3. Museum of Modern Art

    This art museum is an influential museum in the modern art scene in this world. It houses over 3,00,000 books and contemporary and modern art installations from all over the world.

  4. Roberta’s Pizza

    After all the museum visits and park strolls, Roberta’s pizzeria is almost like heaven. Located in Brooklyn, the pizzeria is world famous for its wood oven pizza. Grab a slice and take it to go while exploring the city.

  5. Wythe Hotel

    Put the chic back in the New York dining scene, have a dinner and enjoy some cocktails at the rooftop Ides bar at the Wythe hotel. We all need to adore the New York night skies while having the best time of our life.

  6. Chelsea Market

    You just need to shop and eat at the Chelsea market. Every bit worth the hype, see the New York spirit in full form. You can have some locally roasted coffee at the pretty cafes and try different kinds of cuisines in the food hall.

  7. SoHo

    Want to pick up some art for your home or for gifting? SoHo is the place to go! With many art galleries in all ranges and artists flocking around, this is fun for a day outing.

  8. Little Italy

    After your outing in Soho, Little Italy is just a walking distance away. It is predominantly known for its Italian food and shops as the name suggests. Getting a dose of a different culture is always fun.

  9. China Town

    Another cultural neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, China Town is extremely popular among tourists. Enjoy an authentic Chinese meal and catch a movie at the Chinese theatre.

  10. Statue of Liberty

    This French gift to the USA is a hugely popular landmark sculpture that basically defines your trip to New York. One picture with this Roman goddess is a must!

  11. Brooklyn Bridge

    If you have seen pictures of New York City, you have definitely seen the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a historic part of the New York skyline. One drive across or a walk on the bridge is a must.

  12. Times Square

    Book a flight from London to New York just for the Times Square! The mighty entertainment hub of Times Square lives up to all the hype and drama.  Catch a Broadway show, see Planet Hollywood, shop at the Disney store and party all night long at the famous clubs. Ah Times Square, you have always had my heart!
  13. Empire State Building

Visit the Empire State Building for its part in world history. It stands tall despite the attacks. Landmarks are an important way to connect to the city vibe and culture.

Now that your itinerary is sorted book your flight to New York and enjoy this glorious city.

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Top Reason to Book cheap flights to Toronto from London

For a travel enthusiast like me, new places are as exciting as the vacation itself. I am always on the lookout for a different city or a new country, less travelled to or rather less conventional to say the least. We all have done Europe by now, if you know what I mean. Many a times we overlook certain cities due to more popular options close by or sharing a similar vibe. In this search I have come across a fabulous option in Canada- Toronto. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is already hugely popular in the tourist crowd but it is often skipped for other options is what I have experienced.

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada apart from also being its hub for financial and cultural activities. Basically its Canada’s gem! It is also extremely cosmopolitan and is known for being an ethnically diverse urban conglomeration. Booking a holiday to Toronto is a matter of few clicks as all major airlines have flights from UK to Toronto. Planning and booking flights and hotels beforehand ensure you get the cheapest deals for Toronto.

The best time to go to Toronto, Canada are the months of April, May, June, September and October. The weather is mild and perfect for all outdoor activities. Tourists are also lesser in number and exploring the city becomes a lot easier and fun as compared to summers.

Toronto is also versatile in terms of the kind of tourists visiting it. You can travel solo, with family, with your partner or just with friends. It has something for everyone and people of all age groups. Also there are hotels in all budgets available. Among the best and most luxurious hotel chains are the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Hazelton Hotel, Shangri-La, St. Regis and Omni King Edward Hotel. Among some budget hotels are Woodbine Hotel, Bond Place Hotel, Doubletree Hotel and Holiday Inn.

Now that I have created all the positive hype around Toronto, let me tell you the top 12 must-do things in Toronto:

  • Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

  1. Roughly a drive of 130 kms away from Toronto, Niagara Falls is one of the wonders of the world. There are many guided tours available and it is an easy day trip that can be undertaken by tourists of all ages. Gushing water from three waterfalls namely Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil falls are a picture of ecstatic glory of nature. Nothing beats this view! If you take a trip to Toronto, you just cannot miss this.
  2. Royal Ontario Museum

    The Royal Ontario museum is the largest museum in Canada and the USA. It has art and artifacts from African, Asian, Canadian and European descent. This is a history lover’s paradise. Spend an entire day learning about history and be enthralled.
  • Toronto Zoo

    Toronto Zoo is a must visit especially if you are travelling with children or animal lovers. It houses over 5000 species into an area divided into seven regions- Indo-Malay, Eurasia, Australasia, Americas, Africa, Tundra Trek and Canadian. Don’t miss the exotic species and birds in the premises.
  • Art Gallery of Toronto

    Toronto is the art hub of Canada. This Art Gallery preserves art from the first century till present date. It also has an espresso bar and café for you and all the art discussions you wish to pursue. Art often tells us a lot about the city’s evolution into what it is today. It is very important to know what you see.
  • Bata Shoe Museum
Bata Shoe Museum

  • Bata Shoe museum is as interesting as unique. One of the only museums solely dedicated to footwear, it has over 13,500 items. All shoe lovers, go have a look and gush over the lovely work!
  • Textile Museum of Canada

    All textile and art fans should visit this museum. With award winning exhibitions, the collection will blow your mind.

  • Queen Street

    Toronto’s highlight is its Queen Street. With several independent boutique stores, cafes and art galleries, there is just so much to do. Enjoy your walk and eat all kinds of street food while shopping for some antiques and Toronto specials.

  • Harbourfront

    You can take a walk along the harbor of Lake Ontario and enjoy the scenic views. You can also go for boating and be exceptionally pleased with this stunning Canadian city of Toronto.

  • Toronto Entertainment District

    This is the nightlife strip of Toronto! All major nightclubs are here along with all the cultural and performing arts spaces. You will be spending a couple of nights here, of that I’m sure.
  • Eaton Centre

    The Eaton centre is the most popular shopping centre located in Downtown Toronto. It is very easily accessible from all parts of the city. All the popular eating joints and departmental stores are here. It is perfect for a daytime shopping spree with lunch.
  • Taste of the Danforth

    This 3-day annual festival takes place on Danforth Avenue in the second week of August. It is hugely popular among the tourists and also is the biggest street festival in Canada. The main attraction of this festival is the Greek food and beer.
  • Graffiti Alley
Graffiti Alley

  • Rush Lane popularly known as the Graffiti Alley is a blast of color and inspiration. It is the beauty in the graffiti that converts this normal alley to an eclectic work of art. Make sure you have enough memory on your phone’s camera because you will be taking quite a few pictures.

With so much to do in this city and your itinerary almost ready, all that is left to do is to book your cheap flights to Toronto from London now!

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Book Cheap Flights to Melbourne From London And Save Your Budget

Planning a family vacation? It’s a daunting task isn’t it? It is especially so, if you have a big family with people from different age groups and wildly different interests. You want to take a vacation to unwind and hopefully not to get wired around trying to make people around you enjoy. Imagine feeling disappointed at the end of a vacation!

Nahh.. Will not let that happen, that’s what I am here for!

Planning a family holiday requires clarification regarding a few pointers that help us plan in the correct direction. Picking the right destination plays a major role in this process. Determining if a city has something that interests everyone will make it a rather enjoyable experience for all.

Melbourne is my top suggestion when it comes to a perfect family getaway. It is a cosmopolitan city that has something in store for everyone. It’s not just nightlife and parties but also has a strong weave of culture and creative beauty. Book flights in advance so that you get cheap flights to Melbourne from London and save your budget.

Melbourne Currency: Australian Dollar

What Does Melbourne Hold

Melbourne is an extremely culturally rich city that has a very warm vibe for a tourist destination. There are gardens, parks, open shopping areas, restaurants with world-class cuisines and all other urban amenities that are essentially required as family travellers. With a lot to do in the city itself, it serves as an all-encompassing travel destination in Down Under. Flights from London to Melbourne are available easily online for you to start the holiday process.

Hotels In Melbourne

Like all other popular cities, Melbourne has hotels and resorts in all budgets for families. For tourists looking to splurge, these are the following properties one can look at:

Luxury Hotel

  • The Langham Hotel
  • The Hotel Windsor
  • Pan pacific Melbourne
  • Crown Metrolpol
  • Grand Hyatt

Budget Hotel

  • Travel Lodge
  • Ibis Styles KingsGate
  • Pegasus Apart’Hotel
  • Space Hotel (Hostel)
  • Ibis Hotel & Apartment

Best Time to Go

The best time to go to any city depends on primarily two things- budgets and weather safety. Melbourne is an all year round destination in terms of weather. Each season has something different to offer to the vacationers. The summer months, December to March, are the best in terms of the outdoor activities and festivals taking place in the city. This is also the peak season and the most expensive time to travel. The winter months from Sep to Oct are when the prices hit rock bottom, as this is Melbourne’s off-season. Depending on your planned itinerary, you can schedule your family holiday aligned with the most preferred time of the year. It is advised to book your flights from London to Melbourne 5-6 months prior to travel to get the cheapest deals available.



Australia is known for its food and world-class cuisine. Right from Michelin star restaurants to street food, every thing is innovative and lip smacking delicious. Try to explore as many different genres of food that there is to savor in Australia. Making a couple of days around the popular restaurants will be an idea you will not regret. Taking a special guided food tour like the Queenie’s Food Tour to know the history behind the food is also a great option.


With so many beautifully made urban parks, taking a family picnic is a must. The city feels so homely yet so classy that a picnic day into a day full of enjoyment and quality time with the family. Royal Botanic Garden is one starting spot to pick for sure.


Do not miss the freshly brewed coffee in Melbourne! That’s a cardinal sin. Apart from the beautiful and enchanting aroma of coffee invading the city, there is an explosion of local coffee shops that serve the most amazing coffee there is. Pick up some local Australian coffee beans for home and gifting too.


The Puffing Billy steam train is an experience that is a century old. It takes you through the National Park of the Dandenong Ranges. There are different tickets available for a luxury or economy packages. However whatever be the pick, this is an experience of a lifetime.


All Melbourne laneways are artistic to another level. Family pictures along these beautiful lanes will be what you will cherish a lifetime and show friends and family.


Enjoy the expansive tram network that still gives Melbourne an old city charm. Acquainting family with foreign culture and heritage is always a good idea. Taking a few pit stops along the route will help you explore the city like a local.


If you are planning a fly drive in Melbourne, this is a great idea. It is one of the most scenic drives in the world with a ravishing view of the Southeastern coast of Victoria. It is a 151 miles drive that has multiple stops along the way that you can take to enjoy a fully Australian experience.


This is a natural breakwater that has a bird area and a wildlife park. There are many guided tours for families. It is one of the most highly visited tourist destinations in Melbourne with over 3.5 million annual travellers. Don’t miss out on the penguin parades and the kangaroos.


Take a tour at the Yarra Valley and enjoy the day in bliss. There are many wineries that host wine tastings that can be a lot of fun. This can also be accompanied with a chocolateries tour for the children. There are also a few outdoor activities like skydiving, hot air balloon rides and spas to rejuvenate.


And then there is shopping! With a massive lot of fresh Australian produce, Queen Victoria market is a shopper’s delight. There are also many small shops for tourists as it has become hugely popular amongst them.

This is just the beginning. There are so many outdoor fun activities to do in Melbourne with that family that it will become the holiday of a lifetime.

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Romantic Destination to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Look at our Valentine’s Day flight deals to some of the hottest Valentine’s Day destinations across the world.

cheap flights for Valentine’s Day

New York

Spoil your partner silly! This is the dream vacation spot often on all our bucket lists. New York spells fun in capitals literally. With everything latest in shopping and fashion and everything delicious in food, your partner will remember this gift for his/her lifetime. This is an all year round destination which means any season you plan to go in, it will have something unique to offer. If going in February itself, New York is covered in snow and a romantic walk through Central Park will force you to pinch yourself to reality. Spend the night at Times Square and party the night away.

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Quito is a city embedded with culture and art. It is the perfect romantic holiday you can give your partner. With ample options for artisanal shopping and seeing architectural beauty in the exquisite churches, your partner and yourself will have a lot of time to stroll around and explore. Travel up in a cable car and share a steaming cup of coffee on a volcano or get yourself clicked in the center of the world. Quito also celebrates its annual carnival in February so you will enjoy the original Quito culture. The pictures from this trip will be a huge hit with the friends and family.

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It is the perfect romantic holiday you can give your partner.The most populous and one of the biggest cities in Australia, Sydney is an iconic city to travel to. Be it solo travelling, family vacation or a couples retreat, this city doesn’t fail to amaze with its breathtaking views and mouth melting food. There is a lot to do within the city itself and each day that you explore becomes better than ever. Sydney is a trip worth taking!

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These offbeat holiday destinations are sure to steal your partner’s heart and strengthen your bond of love. Are you ready for your Valentines Day travel?

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Cheap flights to New York from London & flights to New York

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